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Spring Cure

April 12-14, Balcon du Jura

Spring time is a very special moment of the year! The dormant winter energy awakens to blossom, nature opens up to reproduction and growth and we, humans, feel the urge to purge the heaviness of the winter and embrace the refreshing energy of the spring. As a period of opening, it is an auspicious moment to begin revealing sides of the Self that had been hidden for long as a mechanism of protection. It is also the moment of revelation of the undergoing process throughout winter. 

This year I feel the call to mark this period with a gathering in the nearby mountains. We meet to practice together, disconnect from the daily schedule, fully recharge our vital energy and plant seeds of healing and growth. 

During this week-end you will...
  • Discover new assets of Yourself

  • See yourself in others

  • Dive into deep meditation 

  • Explore what can be unlocked in the body through breathing 

  • Relax deeply, open up and restore your vital energy

  • Release past experiences that weight on you

  • Sleep well, eat well and have free time in nature

  • Retune your electromagnetic field to the vibration of healing

  • Reshape your subconscious and bring deep changes to the psyche

The power of Japa


One of the most transformative practices in my life have been the repetitions of mantras for long periods such as 62min or even 2,5 hours. Such a long repetition of a mantra is said to change the psyche and bring healing on a subconscious level. For having practiced those, I confirm that the changes that occur are beyond imagination or description! The healing power of mantras resides in the fact that they can connect us directly to the Source, transpiercing all the sheets of the body that often keep us from seeing what is beyond. 


In this retreat I wish to share this with you.


Friday 12.04

15:00 - Arrival

16:00 - Opening circle, chanting & yoga 

19:00 - Dinner

20:30 - Gong Bath


Saturday 13.04

7:00 - Japa Meditation 

8:30 - Breakfast

10:00 - Kundalini Yoga

13:00 - Lunch

16:00 - Gong Meditation

19:00 - Dinner


Sunday 14.04

7:00 - Japa Meditation  

8:30 - Breakfast

10:00 - About Love & Forgiveness

13:00 - Lunch

Accommodation & Prices

We will be staying in the ecological house of SynerIdées,
built with love and in total respect of the environment.
Rooms are private, dry toilet and bathroom are shared.*
Meals are vegetarian and organic.

*For those who wish to have a private bathroom, there is the possibility to rent an Airbnb in Les Rasses or St Croix, or to book a room in the nearby majestic hotel, Grand Hôtel des Rasses 

Price includes all practices, accommodation, parking and meals.

Early bird until 29.02.2024        380chf / *300chf (without accommodation)
Full price after 29.02.2024       450chf / *370chf (without accommodation)
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