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Business Yoga

Today's work hours and responsibilities tend to stress out our natural rhythms and have a great impact on our well-being. More and more often we hear about burnout incidents, or even have been through a difficult psychological phase ourselves. One key tool that can pivot our nervous system function is our breath. The breath tends to shorten and even block during stressful moments, and working with the breath can reverse an anxious or panicking state of mind. A part of yoga's concepts and tools can be applied in the workspace to bring instant relieve, serenity and clarity of mind for focused and efficient actions. 

The Breath & the Mind

The breath is intrinsically related to the function of the autonomic nervous system, with the sympathetic branch being active when we inhale and the parasympathetic when we exhale. This two parts of the autonomic nervous system regulate the pace of the heartbeat among many autonomic functions of the body. When we work with the breath, we can instantly modify the nervous activity, calm the heart and the mind. In those sessions proposed in the business environment, the class is adapted to focus on what is more needed: awareness on the breathing pattern and teaching of breathing techniques that modify the breathing capacity and workout the muscle of the breathing machinery. As a result, employees learn to breathe more deeply and to use their breath to modify emotional and mental states, so that they can cope with any situation that occurs at work. We also work out the posture on the chair and practice exercices to counteract and overcome backpain. Stretching and meditation are also part of the session, offering a real energising break during the day.   

Weekly sessions in your workspace, Geneva or Lausanne.

Reach out to discuss your needs.

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