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Gong Bath

Originating in Asia, the gong is one of the most ancient sound healing instruments. It produces a vast spectrum of harmonics in waves of sound that vibrate the energy meridians in the body and bring them into balance. During a Gong session the receiver is immersed and bathed in the myriad vibrations and overtones generated by the gong. Gong's full and  rich sound disrupts the stream of thoughts, aiding the receiver to disengage from his mental patterns and to dive into an altered state of consciousness. Both the mind and the body are soothed instantly bringing the receiver in a deep, and highly restorative, relaxation.

Gong sound therapy has been historically used for treating mental and spiritual illness in the Southeastern Asian society (Music and healing across cultures, 2006) and, in the West, it has been suggested by contemporary psychiatrists as an effective therapeutic approach to mental disorders (P. Hess, 1999). In a non-clinical setting, regular attendance of Gong sessions has recently been reported to improve the overall psychophysical state (Pesek & Bratina, 2016) and sound healing treatments in general have been shown to alleviate stress, fatigue and depressive mood (Goldsby & Goldsby, 2020). Gong generates a flow of healing vibrational energy for us to release any type of trauma, reorganize the emotional energy and achieve harmony within.

Me and the Gong

Searching further after my yoga training, I discovered the Gong and its use within the kundalini yoga tradition. The message was extremely clear: the Gong was calling me. Without questioning my intention, I quickly engaged in a Gong training, got a symphonic Gong and fell in love with it over and over again. The Gong gets me in this magical space of fluidity, authenticity, love, peace and expansion. I am most grateful and humbled to be conveying such vibrations for beautiful souls that feel the call of the Gong.

Monthly sessions in Geneva and Lausanne area. 

Check the agenda for the next event. 

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