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Hello, here is my story...

I was born in Greece and as a child I was amazed by nature and all her creations. My admiration together with my curiosity and love for knowledge led me to a Bachelors in Biology. From there I jumped into the vastness of Neurosciences through a PhD adventure to hopefully understand what exactly is to be a human and how does our brain work. When neurotransmitters and synapses did not give me a complete answer, although they did cover a big mechanical part of how does it work, I moved to the field of Cognitive Neurosciences to discover the joy of "seeing" a human brain in action. This was a passionate period that helped me understand the crucial interplay between emotions and reasoning and how our behavior is governed, not always at our proper will and full consciousness.  After 5 years as a post-doctoral fellow in the University of Geneva, my thirst for knowledge was still there and brain imaging alone was again not enough.

Then I became a mother ! This was a phase of big transformation and to absorb all these changes and align with myself and my body again I dived into Kundalini Yoga. I was a long-term yoga practitioner, but this time I needed to go deeper. And there it was. It took some time but my awe for creation came back. I started learning so much that it felt like starting University all over again. Those teachings made a lot of sense to me, they were very complementary to my path up to that date and a new sense of deep understanding emerged. Many of my questions were answered and a sense of security surrounded me, knowing with certainty who I am and where I am going.

This led me to where I am today, trying to put together all the knowledge that I have gathered and that I am still gathering. For as long as I live, I learn. Knowledge is for us all humans to understand ourselves, understand our deeper nature and be conscious of our own reality. I am sharing here, and in life in general, what I have learned that can appease people, help them understand if they want to, go a step further if they want to, awake if they wish.   

Kallia Apazoglou, PhD

Senior Researcher

& Yoga Teacher

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