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Image by James Lee

Kundalini Yoga

Modern Kundalini Yoga has been introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan in late 60's. It is believed to be a system that he created by putting together powerful techniques that activate the vital energy of the body and systems of self-healing. 

His figure has raised many controversies lately, but his teachings have been proved potent and have changed the lives of thousands of people world wide. In practice, Kundalini Yoga has a lot of breathing coupled with postures or repeated movements of the arms, chanting and precise attentional focus during the asana. It is a physical practice that triggers the flow of energy instantly and can easily bring one into a meditative state.    

Me and Kundalini

In my quest of meaning and truth, I came across this practice and immediately fell in love with it! Kundalini Yoga helped me reconnect to myself and initiated a process of self healing, of blossoming creativity and expansion. It is with a lot of humility and love that I transmit the teachings to assist others in their path of Truth.

Monday 18:30 in Pra Roman

Route du Jorat 196, 1000 Lausanne

Tuesday 19:30 in Fleur de Vie Yoga

Rue du Centre 76A, 1025 Saint-Sulpice

Thursday 19:00 in The Yogarden

Rue de l'Ale 25, 1003 Lausanne

Sunday* 9:00 in Fleur de Vie Yoga

Rue du Centre 76A, 1025 Saint-Sulpice

*twice per month, exact dates here

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