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There is a moment where you just need to stop everything, pause the daily schedule and create a space to breathe, to recover sleep and energy, to empty your mind and let others take care of you and your basic needs in a healthy way. That is the intention of our retreats: to offer this space of full recharge, high vibrational energy, healthy yummy food and joyful moments with yourselves and others.  

Our retreats are made with infinitive love, feel free to get in touch or subscribe for more info!

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Spring Cure: I open up to heal
12 - 14 April
Balcon du Jura, Les Rasses, St Croix

Spring time is this very special rebirthing moment of the year! The dormant winter energy awakens to blossom, nature opens up to reproduction and growth and we, humans, feel the urge to purge the heaviness of the winter and embrace the refreshing energy of the spring. As a period of opening, it is an auspicious moment to begin revealing sides of the Self that had been hidden for long as a mechanism of protection. It is in this opening that wounds come to the surface only to be seen acknowledged and released; that is where true healing begins. 

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