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There is a moment where you just need to stop everything, pause the daily schedule and create a space to breathe, to recover sleep and energy, to empty your mind and let others take care of you and your basic needs in a healthy way. That is the intention of our retreats: to offer this space of full recharge, high vibrational energy, healthy yummy food and joyful moments with yourselves and others.  

Our retreats are made with infinitive love, feel free to get in touch or subscribe for more info!

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19 - 21 May 2023

Ascension Week-end
19 - 21 May
Espace Rivoire, Vieu-d'Izenave, FR

A retreat to recharge your batteries and get back to your alignment, in a magnificent setting! We invite you to take care of yourself, your body and your mind through the practice of yoga, sound healing, breathing, chanting of mantras and cacao medicine! Together we will dive into the vibrations of the Gongs, awaken our inner gongs, purify our bodies, balance our energy centers and raise the frequency of our vibrational fields!

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