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Our weekly schedule is generally full of activities both within the professional and the leisure time. A very common characteristic of our busy schedules is being overloaded and permanently in action. However, the natural rhythms contain both activity and inactivity moments. Not respecting this balance often leads to feelings of exhaustion and extreme physical, mental and emotional fatigue. To maintain a proper activity - inactivity routine, we need to incorporate restorative moments within our day. Moments where we allow our nervous system to recover and regenerate its working capacity. With this in mind, taking a 45min break for yourself in the middle of your day can be very beneficial. A moment where you redirect your attention inwards, giving space to your breath and consciously calming down the mind to rest in a moment of peace. In these weekly sessions we will be stretching the body, deepen our breath and practice different types of meditations.

  • 45 minutes
  • 18 Swiss francs
  • Online Zoom

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