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Gong Vibrations

A trance-formative vibrational voyage


Gong Bath Relaxation Among the most powerful sound healing instruments, the Gong re-produces the vast spectrum of harmonics of the “Ong” and “Aum” sound of Creation. As the Gong is played, waves of sound reach the body like a vibrational massage that helps release blockages in the physical, the emotional and the energetic bodies. Bathed in such vibrations the listener dives in a deep, highly restorative relaxation. Gong White Sound Meditation Inherited from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, Gong White Sound Meditation is an inner journey that goes far beyond a relaxation or sound bath. It carries you to a realm of no-mind, a sensation of limit-less being whole; a space where transformative healing occurs. After preparing the mind and the body with an adequate yoga practice, you only need to lay down, surrender, enjoy the overwhelming overtones, and just be.

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