In the cutting edge between modern science and yogic wisdom, we are happy to propose these hybrid webinars for anyone who wishes to dive a foot deeper in the understanding of the human body and mind. 


October 14, 2021

Breath, Nervous System &

Everyday stress

We all run busy lives those days and, although stimulating, our rhythms often lead us to exhaustion and cumulated stress. Prolonged stress creates lots of imbalance in the function of the body and in extreme cases may lead to burnout and depression. The simplest, innate, and most effective system to counterbalance stress is our breath.



◼  Learn how stress affects your bodily functions and your thoughts.

◼  Observe how stress governs your behavior and induces unconscious acts.

◼  Experience how breathing can resolve stressful sensations, calm the mind and let you act in harmony.

In this webinar you will:


November 11, 2021

Yoga & Emotional well-being

We would not be humans without emotions and despite our different ways to cope with them, we are all affected by emotional states in a conscious or unconscious way. Emotions arise in the body changing our physiology automatically and, by doing so, they also influence our cognition without always being noticed or controlled. Emotional overactivity can lead to a multitude of circumstances both agreeable and disagreeable, and in prolonged cases a permanent disbalance may be installed.



◼  Learn what happens in your body when you experience different emotions.


◼  Identify how an emotional state overruns your reasoning and decision making.

◼   Explore tools to cope with, accept and digest your emotions, before enacting upon them.

In this webinar you will:


November 25, 2021


Meditation is becoming a mainstream practice nowadays and this is great news! Among the different meditation styles and traditions is there a difference? How does it work? Do we equally benefit from it? A meditative state is very personal and abstract, which makes it difficult to describe in a precise way. Yet, some common mechanisms do exist in the human brain, both before entering into a meditative state and while in it.



◼  Identify racing thoughts in your mind and learn how they occur.  


◼  Explore different ways of entering into a meditative state.


◼  Experience sustained meditative states.

In this webinar you will: