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Full Moon Gong Bath
Colorful Watercolor Spots Facebook Cover (1080 x 1350 px).png

As we enter this new year, the Gongs are calling for peace. Peace inside equals peace outside 🕊 In my little colibri task, I am happy to open a new space for two Gongs to vibrate together and offer an insightful journey within to find and overcome whatever holds us far from our own inner peace.

We will honor the second full moon of the year, the so called Snow Moon, that reminds us that change is not always visible. This Full Moon illuminates the subtle inner movements that often create the most meaningful shifts. This is the time to trust the stillness and the truth of your own knowing. The Gongs invite you to be present and aware of what is already set in motion within you. 
Surrender. This is the gift of the Snow Moon, stillness and introspection. 

We will accompany this process with the gentle sound of the Gongs that connects you with the subtle layers of the self, sharpens your sensational awareness and recalibrates your energy. Come in cosy warm clothes, we will prepare the body for a very deep relaxation to allow all undergoing processes to come to completion at their own rhythm. 

Avenue de Cour 103, 1007 Lausanne

Price - 50 chf

Feb 24


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