The journey towards oneself is long and ever going. Health and transformation occur little by little on an everyday basis until you suddenly realize that you have made a leap! And then you keep practicing with zeal again until the next stop and so on... Every week we support our path with practice 

Image by Chris Ensey


Monday 12:00pm

@ Online

A pillar practice in all contemplative traditions, meditation resets your mind to keep up with the day in a focused, calm and intuitive manner regardless the challenges. 45min to start the week with a clear mind and particular intentions.

Single Class 18.-

Monthly 55.-

Image by Bruno

Kundalini Yoga

Tuesday 6:15pm

@ Shanti Club & Online

Awaken your spine, breathe deeply, connect with yourself. In that space everything starts flowing... 75min of breathing, stretching, chanting, meditating and relaxing to finish the day recharged.

Single Class 28.-

10 classes 220.-


Gong Vibrations

Saturday 6.30pm &

Sunday 10am @ Shanti Club

Surrender, relax and enter the gong’s healing sound orbit ! This is a very restorative 2h class,  soothing every cell in the body with pure vibration. Gong's powerful sound will put you in a meditative yoga nidra space, a space where healing and transformation start without any obstacle. 

Single Class 45.-

5 classes 200.-