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Blue Lotus Ceremony & Gong Bath
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As we enter this new year, the Gongs are calling for peace. Peace inside equals peace outside 🕊

In my little colibri task, I am happy to open a new space for two Gongs to vibrate together and offer an insightful journey within to find and overcome whatever holds us far from our own inner peace.

We will start with a Blue Lotus Ceremony drinking a tea of the flower and then lie down to receive the vibrations of the Gongs.

The Blue Lotus is a flower used in ancient times, mainly in the Egyptian mysteries, but not only, believed to open the third eye and the crown chakra and enhance the connection with the world beyond. It is also used to induce lucid dreaming and help you remember your dreams. Dreams hold messages from the unconscious that show us aspects of ourselves, answers to our questions, and offer guidance. Recalling them can be a great tool on the path towards one's self.

Like all lotus flowers, Blue lotus finds stability and nutrients in the mud, grows up to the surface, and blossoms into a magnificent and potent flower that opens with the sun and closes when the sun sets. Its way in life reminds us that no matter where we start, from muddy or shaking roots, we can find a way to light and blossom to our full potential.

Be very welcome !

Shanti Club, 28, rue des Grottes, 1201 Geneva

Price - 50 chf

Jan 13, Feb 17, Mar 16


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